The market for speed reducers in LatAm

It could almost be said that the engines are like the `heart of industry’. But this `heart’ have different rates and work at different speeds, depending on the use you want to give. That’s why the speed humps are essential in all industries of the country, from those who produce cement up to the laboratories of medicines needed in their machines these mechanisms. The reducers are designed based on gear, mechanisms circular and jagged with geometries special agreement with their size and function in each engine.

Without the correct manufacture of the gear motors, the machine may present faults and shortcomings in its operation. The presence of noise and overheating can be aspects that depend on these mechanisms, hence the importance of quality control that’s why gear reducers prices or reductores de velocidad precios as they say in Latin America are so important.

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How does a drone work?

The Drone is a quadricopter piloted by remote control. The quadricopter is a helicopter with four rotors for its support and propulsion. For the device to be stable with respect to the axis, two propellers rotate in one direction and the other spinning in the other direction. The first quadricopter flew in 1922, George de Bothezat, but she couldn’t lift more than five meters from the ground. In 1923 Etienne Oehmichen managed to make flying a quadricopter five minutes in 1923 and in 1924 it rose 10 feet above the ground in a flight of seven minutes.

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How is the production of gear motors?

It seems incredible that a simple motor, from a few magnets, a coin, a battery, and a cable is so simple to make. It is so simple that you will be astonished of how little work there is to do. An experiment simple, with the material that anyone has at home and very instructive. Do the test and tell us what os has gone.

An electric motor is a machine that transforms the mechanical energy by means of electromagnetic interactions. There are some reversible motors that convert mechanical energy to electrical energy to operate as generators, and some very powerful gear motors such as k55. They are used in industrial installations, commercial and private individuals. They can operate through a network of electrical supply or batteries.

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Electronic control

In this section you will find a complete range of control electronics to match the engine range. Electronic for speed and position control for each technology and for different power ranges. In addition, special models adapted to your application are available upon request.

Electric motors are electromechanical devices that transform electrical energy into mechanical energy through electromagnetic interactions. There are other engines (generators) that produce electricity by taking advantage of mechanical energy, such as alternators and dynamos.